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About me

My name is Dane Looman and I am the experienced web developer you have been looking for. I graduated with honors from West Virginia University with a BA focusing on Management Information Systems. Self-motivated and driven, I have expanded my knowledge base to include ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, GIT, JavaScript, React, Python, Django, Adobe Photoshop, C#, and Visual Studio.

More than just a programmer, I bring personality and professionalism to every project. Years of experience working in and leading teams has given me a strong set of soft skills. Great communication and empathy are engrained into every project I am a part of. These skills have helped me build an extensive track record of creating and maintaining valuable working relationships.

If you are searching for a full-stack developer who you can have talk with clients you are in the right place. I want to help make your client's visions a reality and am devoted to making applications that impress.

ASP.NET Core 2.0 & C#
CSS, HTML, and Git
JavaScript / jQuery
Python 3 / Django
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Complete Consulting

WVU's Managment Information Systems program emphisies business knowledge. I am well educated in conducting extensive consulting. Save time and money while building profitable relationships by allowing me to talk to potential clients.

Back-End Development

Well versed in both pre-compiled and compile at runtime languages. I have completed full stack development with ASP.NET Core and Python. My extensive knowledge of the different SQL languages and ANSI standards can help you bridge the gap from storage to applications.

Front-End Devlopment

Take advantage of my knoweldge of Html, Css, JavaScript and React to give your applications a stunning user inferface. Seperate yourself and give your customers efficient and visually appealling front-ends.

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